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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer job has a whole new meaning to me.

Did I mention I got a job? 

Not just a job...
... THE job!

I was incredibly blessed this year in terms of job opportunities. I applied to around 3-5 jobs and had 3 solid "YES we want you" and 2 "Please contact us next year!" Ultimately, the Legislative Research Commission was the way to go.

Did I mention that I LOVE my job? I work all day on issues in Education Policy... can we say... DREAM job?

Quite so.

No question, education policy/reform is where I want to be.

My goals going forward:
1) Meet, network, and LEARN from anyone and everyone I can in Kentucky education, within the LRC, and beyond;
2) Read and Read and READ all about national education issues;
3) Become practically conversational in those major issues;
4) Get a solid view of legislative (nonpartisan) life;
5) Absolutely get the most out of this experience that I possibly can!

I'm thrilled to be Graduate Fellow. The Office of Education Accountability is amazing and I can't say enough amazing things about the people I work with. I'm also INCREDIBLY impressed and honored to be with the other Graduate Fellows.

Did I mention I have a cool badge? With a picture that ranks 2nd best in my history of badge/driver's licenses? THAT in itself is amazing (especially because I've had a total of 7 driver's licenses).

My new Best Friend

Friday, May 11, 2012

Still alive!

Hello again friends!

Coming to you from the always fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada...

Grades are in, my first year is over with and I'm ready to reflect. What a crazy thing I've subjected myself to. Law school is what I figured it would be and possibly more. I apologize for taking such time away from speaking with you all, but, as my family can probably confirm, I haven't spoken to really anyone since Spring Break. It was time to move into law-exam hermit mode and, my loyal audience, you were a casualty of that reality.

I felt much like this...

But back to what's important --> Survival of the First Year and so on.

This past semester was rough. No, I mean it. Really ROUGH. I can sum it up in one quick description:
The night before my Property exam at approximately 10:00pm, I looked at Kris, my wonderful and patient future husband, and said, "I'm going to [insert expletive] fail this test. Its 10:00 and I feel like I know NOTHING."

Well, despite those (several) moments of insecurity (and hopelessness) turns out I know a thing or two about the law.* Grades were just fine and I still believe that this was the right choice.

*Except perhaps Civil Procedure. I still don't know what the hell was going on in there. I think that's pretty standard though.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I made it. I survived. I conquered the first year. So, just as those who came before me, I rejoice in ways that non-law school friends and family will not understand when I say:

I'm a 2L.

Monday, March 5, 2012